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‘Kang Repair’ Meshless(No Mesh/Non Mesh) Hernia Repair : Interview with Jack from Florida USA - 3

gipum hospital 2018.06.27

3. What do you want to say to the other people and around the world who are really reluctant to go through meshless hernia repair?

Jack: Well, I’ve been a biomedical engineer for 27 years I worked with the FDA. I have registered many medical products, I worked on operating theater equipment, I knew what the operating theater was all about. When you are dealing with mesh surgery, I knew nothing 3 month ago, nothing about hernias, nothing about mesh. My first 3 friends had a 50% failure rate with mesh, one going through 5, I mentioned before. One going through 2 surgeries that leads to a complication, because once a mesh fails has to be peeled out of your nerves and skin. Failure can be an intense pain that just never goes away in last 4 years you don’t do anything about it. Meshes when I first started out had a coarse pattern and therefore they would rub the nerves around and do much damage.
Meshes today are a little bit finer, but they still depend upon stuffing the mesh into the hernia opening that hole is formed. And if a person has different activity levels or different levels of backing, the mesh can sort of bunch up and then there’s no other way. But surgical repair again to get the mesh out and that can be very stressful.
I discovered in my research that the MDR reports which are medical device reports to the FDA from doctors and patients were blocked for several years because the mesh manufacturers. Somehow pressured an FDA officer to not record them and now there is a society in the USA called the no mesh society to bring to the public knowledge that mesh causes quite a bit of harm. And most of the surgeons using it are doing so simply because they’ve been misinformed. They’ve been misinformed mostly for profit the mesh companies want to sell a high-priced product.
And therefore as a result I was looking for meshless repair and there are several doctors all around the USA and Toronto. And the Shouldice hospital in Toronto has been doing it since about 1942. They do more invasive stitching than Dr. Kang, but they would not take me because the complication of handling pacemaker, CRT-D patients. The same applied to all of the other mesh free surgeons in USA they did not want to do anybody but a simple straightforward surgery they didn’t want handle any complications.
Here, I guess this is called Gipum hospital, they saw no problems. Steven called the Rep, he came in 30 minutes before surgery, checked everything, said everything, we went through surgery then he reset everything it was just seamless and accurate trouble free.
When you’re going to choose a doctor for any type of surgery, you have to remember there are average doctors, and there are below average doctors, and there are doctors who are way above average. Like anything, do you want a doctor that barely passed his test or the C in school, or do you want a doctor who is and A+ student, and who creates new surgical procedures and monitors results of his patients, even writing a noteworthy textbook on the subject and trains other doctors.
Do you want that kind of doctor, of course you do. You don’t want to go through surgery, even a small surgery, without someone who is truly most skilled in his field.