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‘Kang Repair’ Meshless(No Mesh/Non Mesh) Hernia Repair : Interview with Leon from Chicago, USA

gipum hospital 2018.06.27

Stephen: Hi, I’m Stephen Kwon, the chaplain and the English language interpreter of Gipum Hospital. Now I’m going to interview Leon from Chicago, USA. Actually he came here several days ago for no mesh hernia repair by Dr. Kang. And now he came today to check it. Now I'm going to ask him a few questions. How have you known Dr. Kang and this hospital?

Leon: I looked on the internet and found that Dr. Kang was one of the few places in the world where you actually could get no mesh surgery. And I saw a lot of horror stories on the internet about people who went through a lot of pain and misery with mesh and I decided that that was going to be the best solution for me.
Before we get too far, I want to say an emphatic “Thank you, Stephen Kwon and Dr. Kang.” They have treated us with such hospitality it's unbelievable. I really, really, can't stress that enough. They’ve treated us like royalty really and we're so happy that met both of them. Dr. Kang is a very boisterous, handsome doctor and has a good sense of humor. He’s a humble man, too. And I've enjoyed every time that I've met him, very kind man. As well as Stephen here who helps me with numerous emails. Thank you so much.

Stephen: Very welcome. It is our pleasure really. Okay. I think it is a great adventure flying from United State, in here South Korea, somewhat people say that dangerous because of North Korean’s threat. And so I said that it is a great adventure. And maybe this time, Cheryl can talk about how can he and you can come here, do that the great adventure.

Cheryl: It has been a great adventure and it's been well worth it. I would absolutely recommend for someone in my father's position to do something similar to this because we have been treated with the utmost respect and the quality of care has been amazing to me. And I have great confidence in the team here, it's been really wonderful.

Leon: Well the big thing for me is all my family said, “Don't go to Korea. Don’t go. It’s a mistake.”
Cheryl: I never said that.
Leon: But not Cheryl, she's more adventurous. But my wife and everybody till the last day we left they were saying “Don't do it. Not a good idea.”
Well I would say right now that from what I've seen of Korea, it's a very prosperous very beautiful place, everybody is polite. In fact the as we visited some of the sites, we are amazed to find out that we were the most poorly dressed people here. It's kind of disturbing. It's a wonderful world that the Koreans have created here. And the amount of architecture in the building that goes on is absolutely amazing. And I would look forward to coming back we visited several places the royal palace and tombs and it was extremely interesting for us. It's very enjoyable.

Cheryl: And the Buddhist temple with….
Leon: The Buddhist temple, right. We had a great time here. And so if you have any doubts as to if this is a good place to come which I had myself, in fact I wrote Stephen Kwon here. I'm a little wondering if this is going to be a good idea I don't speak the language and somehow it's all worked out really well.

Cheryl: It has been very easy to move around and find the places we were looking for and find interesting delicious things to eat. Everyone is very friendly and very welcoming.

Stephen: Actually it is surprising after a few days that he just walk around a lot even just you know.

Leon: Maybe too much I mean I really I really moved around here because there are things I want to see and we've gone to restaurants and everything in. But it seems like I'm right on track as far as the prognosis of what the doctor had told me about. It's all worked out very well.

Stephen: Okay, Leon is going flying back to the states tomorrow so I really pray that he will have a safe flight back there.

Leon: I'm sure I will, and again, thank you to Dr. Kang and Stephen Kwon. They will work you through this seamlessly.

Stephen: Okay thank Leon and thank you Cheryl. Okay yeah bye.