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‘Kang Repair’ Meshless(No Mesh/Non Mesh) Hernia Repair : Interview with Bruce from Boston USA

gipum hospital 2018.06.27

Q: Good morning. I’m Stephen the chaplain and English language interpreter of the Gipum Hospital. Now here with Bruce, from Boston Mass USA who had a repair both inguinal hernia indirect repair yesterday. Now he is on the process of recovery and I’ll just ask a few questions now. And how do you know Dr. Kang and this hospital?

A: We found him online we did a lot of research on hernias and the procedures, separate procedures that they have. And we didn’t want to go with anyone who does mesh because we heard about the side effects. And I’m from the US, as you just told them. And in the USA, they all use meshes so they don’t do this kind of surgery. So we found him online and that’s what we decided to come here.

Q: Good. And the next question is that what you think about the process yesterday or today or even you came here before I mean pre-check with Dr. Kang. Can you talk about the progress or process?

A: So it was very simple. I mean we came in the morning. We had appointment. They did and ultrasound of my organs and stuffs and saw the hernia was on both sides, and they also found that I had a tumor I believe as well a fatty tumor. And I actually wanted. They did operation I ended up having two of them. And they removed everything. Everything’s been removed and I feel great looking forward to a fast recovery.

Q: Good very good. Thank you. And maybe this is the last question that what you want to say to the people in the world who suffer from hernia whatever types.

A: I want to say, “Do your homework.” Definitely do your homework and find, make sure, you find the right doctor which I believe this one’s the right one. That’s why we used them. And I’ll, I just love the whole procedure the way he dose it. He went over everything, you know, how long it takes, the recovery is easy. And the other one, the recovery isn’t, it takes longer. And then the pain l mean I’m not in that much pain for being one day later. And from what I’ve seen on YouTube I’ve watched a lot of other videos of other people. They got this procedure but with mesh and those people all have excruciating pain, they can’t walk for 4~5 days. So I’m not getting any of that, so this is definitely the way to go, I think.

Q: Thank you. You know if I were you, in Boston and far away to South Korea for l mean hernia repair, it’ll be a like quite an adventure. And if l were you I’d be reluctant to go, ‘cause USA is really advanced country and going to South Korea for a surgery? And what you want to say about that?

A: Well I always say, “There’s never a right time to do the wrong thing.” So if I was to do it in the US, I’m doing the wrong thing, ‘cause it’s mesh. And I’d like to say I don’t believe in the mesh and we did our homework, so we did a lot of, you know, read-up on it a lot. So that’s why it’s worth the trip to come here. And if you do the math and what it cost, the cost here is a lot less expensive than it is in the US even after you pay a fees and all that stuff. It’s still going to be worth the costs because it’s going to less with the airline ticket, the hotel stay and then the whole procedure, it’s probably still half the price what it would cost you in the USA. and that’s doing it wrong, this is doing it the right way.